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High-Impact Training

High-Impact Review Strategies
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This workshop is based on research-based strategies that help students review and retain information. Interactive teaching and learning strategies can positively impact student achievement, thus helping to close the achievement gap between different groups of students.

During this hands-on workshop participants will learn to:

  • identify strategies that are effective as review and reinforcement strategies
  • use non-linguistic strategies including drawing to learn strategies
  • design high-impact thinking maps
  • design other high-impact graphic organizers (e.g., comparison matrix, Venn diagrams, mind maps)
  • create questions related to different levels of thinking: recall, relate, connect, create
  • create and use activities that help students classify and categorize information
  • design several types of concept attainment strategies
  • provide structure for helping students learn vocabulary (e.g., super vocabulary strategy, use of word walls, words in all directions technique, pair review technique)
  • identify games that help students remember information

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