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High-Impact Training

Training and Consulting Services
We are available to provide high quality training and consulting for your school or division.

Using Data to Improve Student Achievement

This popular workshop, geared for Central Office and school administrators who desire to increase their level of knowledge in order to use data to make good decisions with respect to curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Test-Making, Test-Taking
Learn the principles of designing high-quality paper-and-pencil tests as well as ten power strategies for helping students learn more effectively with strategies that also help them perform well on any test.

Designing High-Quality Paper-and-Pencil Tests
This workshop is the companion piece to the book, Designing High-Quality Paper-and-Pencil Tests. The workshop provides essential information for designing high-quality paper-and-pencil tests including the following: multiple choice, true/false, gridded response, matching, completion, constructed response, and essay. After learning how to make a good test, participants will review several of the strategies for test-taking as well as how to use data from the tests to improve student learning.

Designing High-Quality Rubrics
Participants will appreciate the practical ideas for designing and using high-quality rubrics. This workshop is the companion piece to the forthcoming book, Designing and Using High-Quality Rubrics. Topics for this workshop include: Features of a High-Quality Rubric, Parts of a Rubric, Rubric Design Tips, Rubric Starters, Types of Rubrics, Using Rubrics to Improve Student Learning.

High-Impact Review Strategies
Research reminds us that using effective review strategies with students can help them learn and remember information more effectively. During this workshop, participants will learn an array of strategies - all designed to help students learn and retain information.

Instructional Strategies for High Student Achievement
During this workshop, participants will learn to use high-impact instructional strategies with students. These strategies include, but certainly are not limited to: mind-mapping, peer review, visual representations, interactive notebooks, comparison matrix, t-charts, Venn diagrams, drawing-to-learn activities, classification strategies plus much, much more!

Designing and Using High-Quality Classroom Assessments
For those who have only one day and want to provide an overview session for both paper-and-pencil tests and the design and development of rubrics.

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