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The Principal's Keys:
Unlocking Leadership and Learning


You will want this book if you are already a Principal or Assistant Principal. A must have book for all of you who are working toward becoming a first-rate principal. Dave Burgess has done a fantastic job of outlining practical and ready-to-use ideas for leadership and management in the school environment. Don't be left without your keys Click for full size book cover!
-- The Principal's Keys.

The helpful ideas in this book are for new principals, assistant principals and aspiring school principals; educational leadership faculty seeking practical applications for leadership and management issues of future school principals; experienced administrators seeking ready to use ideas that work; staff development professionals and those involved in district-wide training initiatives; supervising and collaborating with others; superintendents and aspiring superintendents looking for fresh ways to strengthen systems and motivate staff.

Here's what you'll get from this book:

  • A conversational format to answer the question, "What is leadership?"
  • A metaphor for implementing practical leadership and management ideas that work.
  • An easily understandable concept of motivation (from the leader's point of view) that "blows away" traditional boss-centered intimidation.
  • Easy to use (and remember) communication skills, as well as a practical problem-solving model that puts responsibility where it belongs - on those seeking the magic wand you do not have.
  • Easy to implement ideas for developing true self-managed teams in schools (k-12).
  • Effective but simple process improvement tools, and a systematic cross-functional problem-solving model.
  • A continuous learning model for implementing ongoing process improvements; the model is linked to ideas for staff development.
  • Key components of a "Discovery School" - what it looks like and how to achieve it.
  • A bonus section includes many useful training aids and forms.
  • Plus much more!

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